This week we finish Genesis. Genesis ends by looking at the story of the sons of Israel, primarily through the lens of Joseph’s story. There’s intrigue and drama. What you will notice is that there is nothing in the story that is cleaned up. It’s all messy. It’s all broken.

Big Idea: What the world means for evil, God works it out for good.

Read: Genesis 37
Discuss: Who are the characters? What is the rising action (the events that lead up to the climax)? What is the climax? What is the falling action (the result of the climax)? How would you describe Joseph? Do you think you would feel the same about Joseph as his brothers did?
Activity: Kids, draw a picture of the scene where Joseph’s brothers throw him into the well.

Read: Genesis 38 and 49:8-12
Discuss: Why do you think this story in 38 was included? What value does it have? How does it make you feel that Jacob blesses Judah they way he does in 49:8-12 after knowing what he did in 38? Have you ever done something wrong but didn’t experience the consequences that you should have? How did that make you feel?

Read: Genesis 39
Discuss: What do you learn about Joseph from this story? Have been in a compromising situation? How did you respond?

Read: Genesis 40-48
Discuss: How do you see Joseph’s character continue to develop? What do you think was the turning point in Jospeh’s life? How is Joseph different at the end of Genesis compared to the Joseph in Genesis 37? If you were Joseph would you have helped your family?
Activity: Kids, create a comic book telling the story of Genesis 40-48

Read: Genesis 50
Discuss: In Genesis 50:20 Joseph says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.” Have you experienced this in your life? How so? What are some ways that you have personally experienced God taking what seemed bad and it turned out for good? How does it make you feel to know that God is working behind the scenes in this way?

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