Whenever I read the Scriptures, I am always shocked by the transition between Genesis 2 and 3. People in the presence of God who are totally without shame, become people hiding from God racked with shame and guilt. It happens so quickly. This moment in the family story always leaves me feeling a bit bewildered.

Passage: Genesis 3
Big Idea: God covers our shame.

Read: Genesis 3
Activity/Discuss: Genesis 3 reads like a drama. It’s not a cold history text but a story. List (or draw) each of the characters. What role does each play? Who is the hero? Who is the villain? What is problem? What is the climactic moment? How does the hero overcome the problem? What are the results of the climax?
If you have kids, have them draw a comic strip or scene that depicts the story of Genesis 3.

Read: Romans 5:12-13
Discuss: How does Romans 5:12-13 fit with your understanding of Genesis 3? Do you agree with Paul (the author of Romans) in his assessment of Genesis 3? Who do you think is at fault in Genesis 3?

Read: Genesis 3
Discuss: Do you think that there is anything good that happens in Genesis 3? Is it all bad? Why do you think God kicks Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden? What was God’s big concern at the end? Why do you think that’s important?

Read: Genesis 4:1-16
Discuss: Do the same thing that you did above for Genesis 3, laying out the story and characters. Now, what sin was committed in this story? What does this teach us about the nature of sin? How have you seen this play out in your own life?

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