Good morning! This coming Sunday we’re having a Sending Party for the Putalas and Wallers. So, our mission this week is to pray. After you’ve prayed, pray a little more. Then when you’ve done this, pray again.
Prayer is the hard work of mission. It is the foundation upon which we build movements. Often we speak of “just prayer.” But, there’s no such thing as “just prayer.” We have access to the king, who is our heavenly father. He cares for and loves us. His desire is for us to come to him with anything and everything. So let’s pray this week. As we send the Putalas and Wallers to Normal Park here are some things to pray for:
  • Pray for their protection. Spiritual warfare is real, while there are some who exaggerate it’s role, and it is good to pray for God’s protection.
  • Pray for God to open doors and hearts in Normal Park. Specifically, pray that as the Putalas and Wallers invite folks into missional community that they would respond.
  • Pray for God to continue building missional community in Creekside East.
  • Pray that it is God who is honored and magnified as this new missional community launches.
  • Pray that God would keep the missional communities united.
  • Pray that many people who are far from Jesus would come closer to him.
Consider meditating on and praying through Philippians 1:3-11 for one another this week.

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