The Antioch Movement is a sent people. It’s who we are. This means, essentially, that we are not looking to build our own kingdom but we want to be engaged in the work that God is doing all around us. Take a moment and check out some of the ways that we are living as a sent community:

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  1. Pastor Dan,

    Your website intrigues me. My name is Curt Swank. My wife Kim and I recently moved to the area to live with our oldest daughter and her family briefly before we head overseas to Dagestan. For the past 8 years we have been in Wisconsin at Kettlebrook Church and helped with a church plant and then got involved with Missional Communities…..actually helped start a couple of them. Our site pastor Ryan was trained by Jeff Vandersteldt and we have loosely followed his lead.

    The reason I am emailing is that we are with Frontiers and about to head overseas. We are in the final stages of finding partners who will stand with us to help promote the gospel in the North Caucasus. If you are not aware, they are 99+% Muslim and Dagestan holds 35 unreached people groups. I was on the EPC Global Outreach web site and saw your church there, which is why I am reaching out. I heard and am learning that the EPC denomination is interested in reaching the Muslim world with the Gospel. If you have a “to the ends of the earth” part to your outreach mission and would like to partner with us,……pray for us, etc. I would love to meet with you to share more.

    May God bless you in your mission!!!
    Blessings from Us,
    Curt and Kim Swank

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