Passage: Genesis 6-9
Big Idea: God’s promises are forever.

Read: Genesis 6:5-8
Discuss: How is humanity described here? As you think about our discussion of Genesis 3-4 last Sunday do you think this fits with the story? Why do you think people sin?
Discuss: What do we learn about God? How does it make you feel to see God’s feelings described this way? Have you ever thought about God having feelings?
Discuss: What stopped God from starting over?

Read: Genesis 6:9-7:24
Activity: Kids build an ark out of Legos or draw a picture. List out the main characters in the passage.
Discuss: What was the key quality of Noah that God chose him to be the one whose family he saved (Last phrase of verse 9)?
Discuss: What is the climactic moment in the story?

Read: Genesis 8-9:17
Discuss: What was the first thing that Noah did when he left the ark? Why do you think this is so significant?
Activity: Kids draw a picture representing God’s covenant to Noah. Make an outline of the different aspects of God’s covenant to Noah.

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