Passage: Genesis 26
Big Idea: Faithful and quiet obedience is beautiful.

Read: Genesis 25:19-28
Discuss: Who are the characters? What was the problem? What was the climax? What was the falling action (results of the climax)?
Activity: Draw a picture of Esau and Jacob.
Discuss: What do you notice about Isaac in this story?

Read: Genesis 26:1-5
Discuss: What is the command that God gives Isaac? Why do you think he said that? What does he promise Isaac? Does that sound familiar? Where have you heard that before? What do you learn about Abraham?

Read: Genesis 26:6-35
Discuss: Does this story sound at all familiar (vv 6-12)? What does this tell you about Isaac? As you read the story about Isaac, how would you describe him? What’s the outcome of his story? What is missing from the story of Isaac do you think?
Activity: Try and draw a map of Isaac’s travels. Compare it to the map of Abraham’s.

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