Passage: Genesis 12-22
Big Idea: Faith is counted as righteousness.

Read: Genesis 12:1-9
Discuss: Who are the characters? What did God ask Abram to do? What happened in verse 7 that was really important? How did Abram respond?
Activity: Attached is a map from the time of Arbaham. Mark each place where he goes and draw his travel route.


Read: Genesis 12:10-20
Discuss: Who are the characters? What was the problem in the story? How did Abram try to fix the problem? What were the results? Do you think that Abraham acted in faith?
Activity: Update your map.

Read: Genesis 13
Discuss: How did Lot make his choice? What do we learn about Lot’s decision? What do you notice about where Abram ended up settling (read Gen 12:5, 6)? What does God promise Abram?
Activity: Update the map. Kids, draw a picture of what it would look like to for someone’s family to be as numerous as “the dust of the earth.”

Read: Genesis 14:17-24
Discuss: Who are the characters? How does the king of Sodom differ from from the king of Salem? What do you notice that the king of Salem offers Abram? Does that remind you of anything?
Activity: Update your map. Kids, draw a picture of the battle from verses 1-16.

Read: Genesis 15
Discuss: What does God promise Abram? What was Abram’s response (verse 6)? What did that bring about?

Read: Genesis 16
Discuss: How does this reflect the Garden of Eden?
Historical Note: Hagar’s children are the ancestors of today’s Arab Muslims.

Read: Genesis 17-18:21
Discuss: What is the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham? What are the results of being in covenant with God?
Discuss: What was Sarah’s response to hearing about the promise of having a son within the next year? Did that display faith? What was God’s response to her?

Read: Genesis 21 and 22
Discuss: How does Abraham act in faith? How does Abraham act without faith?
Discuss: Why do you think the Scriptures lift of Abraham as an example of a man of faith even though he acted without faith so often? How does that make you feel about your own faith?

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