Welcome to 2016! We are starting out by telling our story. This story is our family story. Every good story begins at the beginning and so that’s where we’re starting.

Passage: Genesis 1 and 2
Big Idea: In the beginning God…

Discuss: How did your parents or grandparents meet? What is a family story that really defines your family?

Read: Genesis 1
Discuss: What is the first thing that you notice about Genesis 1? What do you like about it? Is there anything that you don’t understand?
Discuss: Why do you think Genesis 1 was written? What do you think is the purpose behind it?
Activity: Kids – Draw a picture that shows each day of creation. Adults – Create a chart that has compares days 1-3 with 4-6. Do you see any connections?

Read: Genesis 2
Discuss: What is the first thing you notice about Genesis 2? What do you like about it? Is there anything you don’t understand?
Discuss: How is this different from Genesis 1? Why do you think it’s different? Can you think of any examples where people might tell the story of the same event but it comes across a little differently?
Activity: Make a family tree as far back as you know. Tell your favorite stories about the people on the family tree.

Discuss: Read Genesis 1 and 2 in the Message translation by Eugene Peterson. Did you gain any insight in the way he translates it as opposed to your regular Bible?

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