The Moment

Have you experienced “the moment”? We do so more often than we realize. Unfortunately, our lives move fast and are full of noise. We cannot slow down for the moment. The moment passes and we keep on moving. How can we possibly stop everything for a moment?

We need to.

These moments are in-breakings of God in our lives. It might be the homeless man on the side-walk or it might be an idea that hits us as we are driving to work. These moments are out of the ordinary. They are kairos moments.

Mary had one. It was spectacular. An angel visited her and explained that she was going to be the mother of God incarnate. In this moment she responded in faith. Unlike her cousin-in-law Zechariah. His response in the moment left him without speech.

Our moments are more than often not so spectacular. They are little moments that invade our lives and we rush past them.

What if we didn‘t?

We miss out on opportunities to respond in faith by rushing past the kairos moments that break open our lives. How do we need to respond to these moments? To respond in faith requires that we first repent and then believe. This cycle of repentance and belief is what faith is comprised of.

But, here’s the thing, we can’t do it alone. For us to slow down we need to have a community of people in our lives that will help us to stop. These people are ones who we have granted access into our lives. They are people that we trust.

Kairos moments come along and we miss them. What if we didn’t?

We just might experience the divine and be radically transformed into the likeness of Christ.

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