The Response to The Moment

Kairos, that moment when time is broken into by God, calls us to respond. Too often we rush past it and ignore the moment. We have too much going on and we don’t experience it in its fullness. When we do this we miss out on responding.

At the end of Luke 1 we see Mary, Elizabeth, and Zechariah responding to the moment. Mary sings. Elizabeth is steadfast.  Zechariah speaks prophecy.

All three respond to the moment because they entered into their kairos moment and didn’t let it slip by. Mary sings a song constructed from the Psalms in response to her moment. She was a living and breathing example of God fulfilling his promises. She sang a song of faith and reminds people of the goodness of God in the past.

Elizabeth at the circumcision of John has to break with convention and speak in the synagogue. She broke with convention to make sure that her son was named John even though this was not a family name. Elizabeth had to speak in response to her moment. She had to be steadfast.

When Zechariah is finally able to speak following the naming of his son he speaks prophecy and points to the coming Messiah. He creatively casts vision for the future and calls God’s people to look for the Son.

Remembering the past in faith, standing steadfast in present in faith, pointing to the future in faith; these are the responses to the moment.

Three people who slowed down and engaged with their moment and responded.

How will you respond?





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