Rest or The Ferris Hypothesis

Flat WhiteOne of the hardest things to do is rest. We live in a world where many work seven days a week and wish there were eight. Our down times are filled with events and things to do. We go place and run all over town. It is very rare that we just stop and rest.

I am not a very good “rester”. I struggle to stop. I have a hard time just turning everything off and entering a state of restfulness. This past Monday I chose to rest. I made a conscious decision to not work. I would not write emails, blog, call people, raise money. I would just seek to be present with my children and be quiet.

As the afternoon wore on I saw an email pop on my phone which was sitting on the table in front of me. It was from someone I had chosen not to email on my day of rest. They instead reached out to me to share the exciting news of some significant funding for the Antioch Movement coming through.

I rejoiced.

A few moments later my phone rang. It was from someone that I had decided not to get in touch with on my day of rest. He was calling to tell me about some more funding for the Antioch Movement coming through.

I was in awe.

Later that evening we received an email from two women involved with the Antioch Movement who were out in Denver for the denomination’s General Assembly. They shared how they were listening for God and then He brought a single mother and her son into their lives. They were able to bless them and love them well.

I was left amazed.

On this day that I chose to rest God worked. He raised money. He connected with the lost. God showed up and did miracles.

And I rested.

I am learning that these spiritual disciplines that we so often disregard are so very important. They teach us that grace is more than “unmerited favor”. They teach us that grace is God active engagement of this lost world that he has created for his great glory.

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