The Curve

Another K ComingMy son is a pitcher for his baseball team. He has a decent fastball, but it’s the curve that makes him most effective. The reason is simple, it keeps hitters off balance. A hitter that doesn’t know what’s coming will have a hard time hitting the pitch.

And when that happens, it’s pretty funny to watch.

When it happens in real life, it’s not always very fun.

The question becomes, how do we respond? What do we do when we find ourselves facing a curve? As we launch this movement I am finding that the curves come fast and furious. We expect one thing and something else happens. We are sitting fast ball and the pitcher pulls the string and we end up looking silly. So, how will we respond?

Last week I was expecting to have breakfast with a group of pastors. For some reason we all missed one another. I ended up having coffee with a group of older gentlemen who meet everyday for coffee. It was a great time. They peppered me with questions about Antioch. One of the men asked me to put him on our mailing list. It was definitely a curve.

I am slowly learning that our response needs to be to ask a question, “What is here for me now Lord?” I am learning that when the curve comes to look around, take a deep breath, and see with faith the opportunities that the Lord has placed before me.

The opportunities are always there, we just have to see them.

In one of my favorite movies, Trouble With The Curve, the main character says that he can “hear” the pure perfection of a pitch or a hit. There’s a great moment near the end of the film when his daughter finally “hears it” and discovers that the “peanut boy” is a phenom pitching prospect. Here’s what happens,

When we are faced with a curve will we hear and see in faith?


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