The Power of Not Meeting

Sunday was a night of chaos. The storms that blew in to Ypsilanti were crazy. Trees, power lines, and port-a-johns were all fair game for the 70 mph winds. Right now we have people who drive in from all over the area for our gathering. Our gatherings are sweet and full of life for all of us.

Sharing in communion with these folks is beautiful and real.

But, Sunday night we canceled. We called it off.

Sometimes when you care deeply about people the best thing to do is to not meet with them. Every once in a while not meeting is the most powerful thing you can do as a community. Sunday night we determined that the people of the community were more important than the experience of the community.

I remember in seminary classmates talking about how they could never cancel the weekend service because the church needed the money. It is a really sad thing when the concern over money leads you to put your people in harm’s way.

My temptation Sunday night was to put my love of the experience of our community above the people of our community.

There is power in not meeting when it communicates deep care for the people that God has called you into community with.

Crazy huh?

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