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Do we simply wander through life from day to day, moment to moment without seeing those around us? When God places people in front of us, do we see His creation or do we see an obstacle? Do we see opportunity?

At our last gathering, I witnessed my son’s heart on display. Like his old man, my son wears his heart on his sleeve. Better than his father, my son takes action on his heart without much thought about the consequences to himself. I fiercely love my sons. It is because of moments like the one I am about to relate that I am convinced that my boys will be strong and unashamed of their faith.

Light & ShadowWhile we were celebrating communion, my son was struck that someone, beside himself, wasn’t partaking. That’s My Boy (my online nickname for my oldest son) has professed his faith in Jesus, but has yet to be baptized; an entirely different story, altogether. This other person was practicing the same respect that my son has for communion. Yet, my son, on his own and without any prompting, noticed that this person did not tear off a hunk of bread nor grab a glass of juice.

That’s My Boy, with a generous hunk of bread, approached this absolute stranger and offered him the body of Christ. Continuing their respect for communion, this person declined the bread. As my son sat back down next to me, I could only put my arm around his shoulders and whisper how proud I was of him.

You see, my son saw someone not partaking and wanted to make sure that they were not left out. My son saw that this person needed Christ, and took them the bread of life. He saw a need and he responded to it.

Hear and obey.

Well done, That’s My Boy! Well done.

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