“I don’t know how.”

Four words that keep most people from doing, well, anything. The fear of the unknown, a sense of unpreparedness, drives us to a place of safety. We decide to not even try.

Ypsilanti Church | Dinner TableThis is especially true when it comes to talking with people we know who are far from God. We are pretty sure we won’t be able to answer their questions.  We have doubts.  We don’t know what to say. What if they get mad? What if they don’t really want to talk about God?

So we hide. We run for cover.

This is the case and we all feel this way. So how can we possibly get to know, let alone share the message of Jesus with, people who are far from God?

You do something you’re good at.


Yes, eat.

I am convinced that we can eat and drink our way to expanding God’s kingdom. In the Bible we see the example of hospitality. It’s an Ancient Near East value that we have largely lost in the contemporary West. We think hospitality is simply shaking hands and welcoming someone to a building where worship is held.  This is not hospitality but simply polite.

No, hospitality is the opening of your home and your life to those around you (check this story out). Not, only this, but it means that your home is to place of healing for the broken (check this story out).

Therefore, The Antioch Movement has hospitality as one of its core values. Each of us can be hospitable.

The Challenge 

We challenge each of the people who gather with us to eat one meal with someone from the movement, one meal with someone who is far from Jesus, and one meal with anyone of your choosing, each week. 



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