Why Sunday Night?

Ypsilanti Church | Road Trippin“When does your church meet?”

“Our movement celebrates together on Sunday nights.”

“Why Sunday nights?”

The Antioch Movement is building from the ground up in an intentional way. We are meeting on Sunday nights because it is, quite simply, the most strategic time to gather.  Sunday mornings are a tradition in the West.  There is nothing in the Scriptures that commands the people of God to gather on Sunday morning. What we see in the book of Acts is the people of God gathering.  They gathered around meals.

We are a movement that desires to connect with people who are far from God, people who are at University, and people who live in the community of Ypsilanti. Part of this, is our time of gathered celebration. This time of celebration needs to be planned when we are most able to come together as the family of God.

That time is Sunday nights.

Our friends who “don’t do church” enjoy restful Sunday mornings and gathering with others at coffee shops. University students are not typically “morning people”.

“Why are these gatherings so strategic? I thought The Antioch Movement was all about groups?”

We need to gather for a few reasons. The first, is to celebrate what God is doing through the movements all over the city. The second, is to provide a time of corporate worship where we can celebrate the sacraments, engage together in prayer, song, and hear the Scriptures preached. The third, is for a time of vision casting and training.  Finally, this gathering will be the touchstone for all the movements as a time for corporate spiritual formation.

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