Why a College Town?

Eastern Michigan University - Part of The Antioch Movement's ScopeMany times when someone thinks about planting a church they look to the suburbs.

Why? They do this because that’s where the money lives.

We are decidedly not going in that direction. To launch a movement launching movement we strategically located ourselves in a college town.


Very simply: laborers.

There is no better place to raise up laborers for the kingdom of God than the university. Eastern Michigan University is a campus of more than 20,000. These are people who will have an influence beyond the average. Anywhere you go in Southeastern Michigan you find people who are directly or indirectly connected to Eastern Michigan University. Southeastern Michigan is the place that drives, quite literally, the state of Michigan.

We cannot underestimate the influence of the students from EMU.

College students are flexible. They are available. They are making decisions that will set the trajectory for the rest of their lives. They are not tied down and can go anywhere. Imagine hundreds, if not thousands of college students choosing to launch movements everywhere. That is  what we are after, a global movement beginning in Ypsilanti.

It has been said, if you want to change the world tomorrow, change the college campus today.

The Antioch Movement is a movement that will be launching movements beyond Ypsilanti to the ends of the earth. To do this we need laborers for the harvest.  There is no better place to find them than the university campus.

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