Weekly Mission: Samuel

Samuel’s story is significant from beginning to end. He is the final judge before the people of Israel get their earthly king. Samuel was the only son of Hannah. Hannah made a vow to God that if he would give her a son then she would give him back to the Lord as a Nazirite (just like Samson). She stood by her vow and after Samuel was weened he went to serve God with the priest, Eli. While there, God called Samuel to be a judge of Israel (1 Samuel 3). At the end of Samuel’s life one of the most significant turning points in the story of the people of God happened: they demanded a king. That’s where we pick it up in 1 Samuel 8:

Passage: 1 Samuel 8
Big Idea: The people of God reject God as their king.

Reading: 1 Samuel 8:1-9
Discuss: What does Samuel do near the end of his life (v 1-3)? What do you think is important about this? Why? How is this different from the way that other people became judges? What was the response of the people (v 4-5)?  What did God say (v 7-9)? Why do you think is a significant turning point?Activity: Make a list of qualities or a drawing of the perfect king.

Reading: 1 Samuel 8:10-18
Discuss: What are the things that God says will happen as a result of the people demanding a king? Do you think you would have agreed to this? Why do you think that they wanted a king so bad?

Reading: 1 Samuel 8:19-22
Discuss: How do Christians today act the same way as our ancestors did in Samuel’s time?
Activity: Make a list of the areas of our lives that are supposed to look different from people who don’t follow Jesus. Kids, take a piece of paper and fold it in half. On one side draw a diagram of a Christian. One the other side, draw a diagram of someone who isn’t a Christian. What do you think would be the same and what would be different?

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