The Beauty of Community

ypsilanti-kidsToday I had lunch with +Todd Waller and we talked about a range of things relating to the +The Antioch Movement and the +Evangelical Presbyterian Church. As I have reflected on our conversation I am struck by the beauty of community.

Near the end of our conversation Todd shared a story with me about an interaction he had with my son, Ethan Rose, and he was complementing him on his discernment. It was this brief bit of our conversation and an article that was posted in BreakPoint recently about “youth ministry” and the failed experiment that has been the last couple of decades that has me left in awe of biblical community.

As we launch The Antioch Movement we are not launching a worship service. We are not creating slick youth programs and children’s ministry. We are gathering as the people of God. This means that families are worshiping together as one.

Along with hearing about Todd’s interaction with Ethan, I also heard from another family that their young son has been asking great questions about God. We are seeing that as families worship together there becomes a natural openness and interaction that pervades their daily lives. Kids see their parents worship, participate in communion, and ask questions about God. Therefore, they know that it’s OK and appropriate to ask questions about God too.

Not only do children see their parents engaging authentically with God but they also engage and interact with other adults and kids. Not to mention the fact that they see their parents interact with other adults about God.

All these things create community. A community that is rich and meaningful.

It is this community that leaves me in awe. It is beautiful and real.

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