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2015 The Direction…

The Antioch Movement is a sending community seeking those far from God. We are launching a movement that is replicable and sustainable. We are trusting God for a few big things this year. The first is to see two to three new missional communities launched. At the end of 2014 we had two launched. A missional community is a gathering of 20 to 70 folks. These can happen in neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, wherever a follower of Jesus is and carries with them the character and competency of Jesus.

The second thing we are trusting God for is to see rapid reproduction in the context of discipleship. These are called Huddles. Huddles, are groups of 3-5 people which are high challenge and high invitation. If you are in a huddle you are opening your life and entering into other people’s lives. In a huddle we want to take steps of growth in the character and competency of Jesus. At the end of 2104 we had one huddle. By the end of 2015 we want to launch 5-6 new huddles. Along with trusting God for multiplication through huddles, we also want to identify and train our first group of Elders.

The third thing we are trusting God for is in the area of sending. We want to take a significant step forward toward financial sustainability. To do this we are challenging those who call Antioch home to be able to cover the cost of the pastor ($53,222.16). It’s doable, but it’s a step of faith.

Finally, we are trusting God in the are of operations. This means that we are looking to develop our fist local executive board.

That’s where we’re heading for 2015. Maybe you want to join us?

The Father Wants You To Ask

Prayer is a marvelous thing. It is deeply challenging and many of us find it difficult to do. In Luke 11:1-13 Jesus gives us a little insight into what he thinks about prayer. Take just a moment and read what he has to say, Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he… Continue Reading

Rest and Work

There are few narratives in the Bible that are as endearing as Mary and Martha. We’ve all been there. We are working our tails off and our sibling is sitting around doing nothing. It’s so frustrating. It drives us crazy. We want Mom or Dad to step in and make things fair. As they continued… Continue Reading

Not That Guy!

One of my favorite people in the world is a guy named Zak. You wouldn’t necessarily think that Zak and I would be bros. I’m relatively straight laced and clean cut. Zak is all punk. From the skinny jeans and lip rings to the “half cut” (don’t ask), Zak is the embodiment of punk. Over… Continue Reading

Perspective Shift

The Antioch Movement is all about multiplication and discipleship. It’s who we are. Our identity as a people is wrapped up those two things. If we are not about discipleship and multiplication then we may as well fold up and go home. Those four┬ásentences are easy to write, easy to say, but really hard to… Continue Reading

The Power of Not Meeting

Sunday was a night of chaos. The storms that blew in to Ypsilanti were crazy. Trees, power lines, and port-a-johns were all fair game for the 70 mph winds. Right now we have people who drive in from all over the area for our gathering. Our gatherings are sweet and full of life for all… Continue Reading

Doubt on Tap – It’s Not About The Beer

Recently there have been many posts around the internet talking about beer and faith. They’ve talked about how churches are using the tavern to bring the gospel to people far from God. It’s been interesting to see the push back from folks in the church world over some of these things. I was first introduced… Continue Reading

Living It

This past Sunday night was a different one for the Antioch Movement. We gathered for a meal (that’s normal) and we gathered around the Lord’s table (that’s normal) but in between we did something that was odd. We took out our calendars and put a couple of dates down. Typically in between dinner and communion… Continue Reading

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