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Living It

This past Sunday night was a different one for the Antioch Movement. We gathered for a meal (that’s normal) and we gathered around the Lord’s table (that’s normal) but in between we did something that was odd. We took out our calendars and put a couple of dates down.

Typically in between dinner and communion we spend time worshipping through the Scriptures. But this week we worshipped through action. We did something. Phil Volk from the Christian Care Network visited our community to present us an opportunity to live the gospel in the life of a young woman. We asked questions and received answers.

Then we did something that in all my years of ministry (15 of them) I have only seen done a handful of times: we put dates on calendars and committed, right there. No debate. Little discussion. It was the right thing to do. It was an opportunity to love well. So, we committed and took the first step of action.

This is an aspect of worship in a movement.

When you’re launching a movement the focus is on multiplication, action, subversion, changing, or as we put it: sending.

We celebrate sending.

This past Sunday we lived sending as a community. Over the next couple of weeks we will continue live out our calling as sent ones, ambassadors for Jesus to a lost and broken world, embodied in the life of one young woman.


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