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Not That Guy!

One of my favorite people in the world is a guy named Zak. You wouldn’t necessarily think that Zak and I would be bros. I’m relatively straight laced and clean cut. Zak is all punk. From the skinny jeans and lip rings to the “half cut” (don’t ask), Zak is the embodiment of punk.

Over the course of our friendship Zak has become an ardent follower of Jesus. In so many ways he is the kind of man that I want my son to be (definitely not the skinny jeans). He cares deeply for people and wants others to love Jesus. During his time in high school he launched a missional movement called Coffee/Doubt at a local coffee shop, it was amazing.

When Zak was launching Coffee/Doubt, I was on staff working with students at the congregation that Zak was attending. I will never forget the day that I stood chatting with one of the mothers who informed me that she wouldn’t be sending her son to youth group any longer because of Zak. I was dumbfounded, almost unable to speak. She shared how he was a terrible influence with his mohawk, lip rings, and leather jacket. She just couldn’t expose her son to such a person.

In Luke 10:25-37 Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan. He uses this parable to shock a religious scholar into realizing that one’s neighbor is the one who serves, cares, and engages. Two religious leaders pass by a half dead person on the side of the road and turn the other way. A Samaritan serves, care, and engages him. This was a twist that nobody could see coming. Samaritans were awful, horrible, and just might have wore leather jackets, lip rings, and mohawks. At the very least they were terrible influences. Yet, Jesus paints the Samaritan as the hero.

We all have prejudices and hatred in our hearts. We look at someone and instantly know that they are a bad person. We are easily able to judge a book by its cover, even though in Kindergarten we learn not to.

Who is your neighbor? Who is your Zak? Share in the comments below…

The Day The Government Shut Down

When I logged in to Facebook today there was one topic on everyone’s mind: the impending shut down of the government. The responses ranged from cynicism, to concern, to fear. Then I read this: Post by Todd Waller. I think Todd’s on to something. The overwhelming negative responses to the government shut down come from… Continue Reading

Sticks and Stones…

Growing up I was pretty chubby. Actually, I’m still pretty chubby. Middle School and the beginning of high school was pretty brutal for a chubby kid. I got teased. Today we would call it “bullying” but, it really was kids being kids. I was overweight, didn’t have many friends, and so I was teased. It’s… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Desert

For forty days Jesus was tempted in the desert. We typically don’t think about the reality that he was tempted for forty days. We usually just read the narrative and consider the three specific temptations that are listed there: And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty… Continue Reading

The Response to The Moment

Kairos, that moment when time is broken into by God, calls us to respond. Too often we rush past it and ignore the moment. We have too much going on and we don’t experience it in its fullness. When we do this we miss out on responding. At the end of Luke 1 we see… Continue Reading

The Moment

Have you experienced “the moment”? We do so more often than we realize. Unfortunately, our lives move fast and are full of noise. We cannot slow down for the moment. The moment passes and we keep on moving. How can we possibly stop everything for a moment? We need to. These moments are in-breakings of… Continue Reading

Purpose and Meaning

Regardless of what you do for a living there are weeks that are better than others. Most weeks are mundane. Most weeks you wonder if you have any value or if you’re making any impact. Then you have a week where you realize that you are doing what you were born to do. This past… Continue Reading

Imitation Is More Than Just Flattery

When you’re looking to launch a movement that is focused on something more than its own growth but looking to send laborers who will multiply their lives for the kingdom you become enthralled by Paul of Tarsus and Jesus. These two guys were all about multiplication. One of the things I am more and more… Continue Reading

The Curve

My son is a pitcher for his baseball team. He has a decent fastball, but it’s the curve that makes him most effective. The reason is simple, it keeps hitters off balance. A hitter that doesn’t know what’s coming will have a hard time hitting the pitch. And when that happens, it’s pretty funny to… Continue Reading

Rest or The Ferris Hypothesis

One of the hardest things to do is rest. We live in a world where many work seven days a week and wish there were eight. Our down times are filled with events and things to do. We go place and run all over town. It is very rare that we just stop and rest.… Continue Reading

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