Relationship and Authority in the Birth of Jesus

Yep, we all have our own little pictures of Jesus in our minds. Ricky Bobby sure loves sweet baby Jesus. Don’t we all? There is something beautiful about candlelight services and humming softly “Silent Night”. We love the images of the manger and Mary. “Sweet baby Jesus” if we are honest is probably our favorite version of Jesus too.

But, all this is missing the point.

Why do we have a birth narrative anyway? What is the point of the story?

The point, I think, is that Jesus brings with him relationship and authority.

Covenant and Kingdom.

Luke 2 begins by telling us that Jesus was a descendant of David. Then we see that he was born and the shepherds are sent to worship  and then to proclaim. Jesus ends up hanging out at the Temple.

The story is fascinating and there are great depths. But the 10,000 foot view is relationship (covenant) and authority (kingdom).

As Luke begins the story of Jesus he wants us to be sure that there are ties to the whole of the story of the people of God. These themes of Covenant and Kingdom. As we step into the story of Jesus’ life we see these themes play out consistently. Why? Because they mark out how we as God’s people ought to live. We live in relationship and under authority.

This is the context for discipleship. Relationship and Authority.

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