On Tuesday evenings a group of people get together at a pub to have a conversation about things that matter. On Wednesday evenings another group gathers at the EMU Student Center to have a similar conversation.  They will discuss religion, politics, and anything else that comes to mind. It’s a conversation that can’t be had in polite company.

So why do this? Why grab a beer or a coffee and have these conversations?

Because they matter.

The United States of America are not very united. We might live in one of the most divided times in our history. We have become a collection of individuals. Our culture is one where we rarely talk with one another. One would think that living in a time where there are more streams of communication than ever before that communication would be be a strong suit of our culture. However, these streams allow for us to talk at one another but rarely with one another.

We are a multi-cultural society. There are many sub cultures that make up the culture of the USA. People used to say that our country was a “melting pot”, the reality is that we are a gravel pit. Every individual retaining its unique identity and never really mixing with the others. This creates a suspicion for those who are different from us. It causes many situations where someone becomes an “other”.

Doubt on Tap and Coffee Doubt are trying to change that. At Doubt on Tap and Coffee Doubt people who have differing views have conversations about what they believe about the things that matter. When you have these conversations you begin to find out that there are similarities in perspectives. Those who are different from you are actually more similar that you thought. There are still disagreements, very real disagreements, and that’s OK. The thing that happens though is that respect is developed because now you “know” someone who has that different opinion. They cease to be the “other” and become a “neighbor”.

That’s really the whole point of Doubt on Tap and Coffee Doubt, relationships. People who are different from one another having real conversations about the things that matter most.

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