Ypsilanti Church Hope

In January we are walking through what we are trusting God for in 2014. The Antioch Movement is a sending community seeking those far from God. We are launching a movement that is replicable and sustainable. We are trusting God for three big things this year. The first is to see two to three new missional communities launched. A missional community is a gathering of 20 to 70 folks. These can happen in neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, wherever a follower of Jesus is and carries with them the character and competency of Jesus.

The second thing we are trusting God for is to see rapid reproduction in the context of discipleship. These are called Huddles. Huddles, are groups of 3-5 people which are high challenge and high invitation. If you are in a huddle you are opening your life and entering into other’s lives. In a huddle we want to take steps of growth in the character and competency of Jesus.

The third thing we are trusting God for is in the area of finances. We want to take a significant step forward toward sustainability. To do this we are challenging those who call Antioch home to match what our Presbytery is giving, $20,000. It’s doable, but it’s a step of faith.

That’s where we’re heading for 2014. Maybe you want to join us?

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