In our trip through the Bible telling our family story we are entering into the book of Judges. Judges covers the period between the patriarchs and the establishment of the kingdom. There are some colorful characters and amazing stories. We are going to highlight a few of the more important stories over the next few weeks. However, I would encourage you to read the whole book.

Read: Judges 2
Discuss: How would you summarize this chapter in one or two sentences? What is the key problem that is highlighted in the chapter? How does God address this problem? What strikes you about how God is displayed in this chapter?

Read: Judges 4
Discuss: Who are the characters in the story? What is the rising action? What is the problem? What is the climax? What is the falling action? What do you learn about God? Who are the heroes of the story? Why do you think this is important?
Activity: Kids, create a play acting out the story. Have parts for the audience to engage with boos and cheers for the heroes and villains.

Read: Judges 5
Discuss: What kind of literature is Judges 5 (narrative, history, poetry, etc…)? Look in Judges 3 to see if you can find the stories of any of the people mentioned in the song. Does anything in the song stand out to you? Read verse 31, what do you think it means for the Lord’s friends to “be like the sun as he rises in his might”?

Activity: Kids, try and turn the song into something that you could perform for your parents. Maybe even create a music video (even if you don’t record it!).

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