Coffee Shop Conversations

Flat WhiteOver the last few months I have committed to spending time at a particular coffee shop. As often as I can have appointments there, I do. If I need a place to study I head there. If I ever write a book, my guess is it will be written there. To be honest though, I really miss my office. I really enjoy going to an office where I have bookshelves (oh blessed bookshelves!) and a door and my chair. It also has a door that can be closed. In my office were great people who loved Jesus and I could go out there and just be encouraged any time I wanted.

Now, I hang out my coffee shop. The conversations are totally different. There are no doors to close and when the people in my “office” want to talk, I talk.

The other day, I had conversations about space exploration and the meaning of life.

The best part was the meaning of life conversation kept going after I left because Todd and I were meeting when the conversation started with one of our new friends. Even though I couldn’t stay the conversation continued. This is called multiplication and it is happening as a result of saturation. 

I desperately miss my encouraging conversations and my office. But, I wouldn’t trade the coffee shop for anything.

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