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2015 The Direction…

The Antioch Movement is a sending community seeking those far from God. We are launching a movement that is replicable and sustainable. We are trusting God for a few big things this year. The first is to see two to three new missional communities launched. At the end of 2014 we had two launched. A missional community is a gathering of 20 to 70 folks. These can happen in neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, wherever a follower of Jesus is and carries with them the character and competency of Jesus.

The second thing we are trusting God for is to see rapid reproduction in the context of discipleship. These are called Huddles. Huddles, are groups of 3-5 people which are high challenge and high invitation. If you are in a huddle you are opening your life and entering into other people’s lives. In a huddle we want to take steps of growth in the character and competency of Jesus. At the end of 2104 we had one huddle. By the end of 2015 we want to launch 5-6 new huddles. Along with trusting God for multiplication through huddles, we also want to identify and train our first group of Elders.

The third thing we are trusting God for is in the area of sending. We want to take a significant step forward toward financial sustainability. To do this we are challenging those who call Antioch home to be able to cover the cost of the pastor ($53,222.16). It’s doable, but it’s a step of faith.

Finally, we are trusting God in the are of operations. This means that we are looking to develop our fist local executive board.

That’s where we’re heading for 2015. Maybe you want to join us?

How To Do Doubt on Tap or Coffee Doubt

Whenever the topic of Doubt on Tap  and Coffee Doubt comes up there are a few questions that inevitably arise. The first is why do we do it? The second is almost always about how do Christians and non-Christians interact? The third question then is how do we do it? This third question is the… Continue Reading

What’s A Missionary?

Have you ever thought about what a missionary is? When Amy and I were on staff with Cru, we used to joke about how if we were “real” missionaries it would have been easier to raise support. We felt this way because there was a sense among many Christians that a “real” missionary is someone… Continue Reading

Purpose and Meaning

Regardless of what you do for a living there are weeks that are better than others. Most weeks are mundane. Most weeks you wonder if you have any value or if you’re making any impact. Then you have a week where you realize that you are doing what you were born to do. This past… Continue Reading

Are You Weary? Enter In.

For most of my life the last thing that I would want to do on a Sunday morning when I was exhausted from a long and hard week was to go to church. I am an extrovert and people generally energize me. But there was something about going to church that always seemed a little… Continue Reading


Focus – Sending The Antioch Movement in Ypsilanti is one where we have sending as our telos. We are focused on how we move from being far from God to being on mission with God. We realize that discipleship has sending as a necessary end. Therefore, all we do must be reproducible at the micro… Continue Reading

Coffee Shop Conversations

Over the last few months I have committed to spending time at a particular coffee shop. As often as I can have appointments there, I do. If I need a place to study I head there. If I ever write a book, my guess is it will be written there. To be honest though, I… Continue Reading

Modeling and Engaging Faith

We do things really weird at The Antioch Movement. It’s true. Really weird. For starters we include our children in everything we do. We place a high value on inclusion. The reason is simple, we believe that discipleship is the proper model of the spiritual growth of our children, and all people. If we think… Continue Reading

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