Another Worship Service?

When many people think about “church” they think about a building where people go on Sunday mornings to sing and hear a book report. We want to flip the script on that kind of thinking. For a movement to start, the people of God have to realize that it is people who are the “church” not a building or gathering.

Ypsilanti Church | Soul WindowsMany new churches start with a worship service and build out small groups from there to care for the people that are coming on Sunday morning. We want to start with mission groups all over the place and then, as a result, gather together to worship on Sunday nights.

This doesn’t mean that Sunday night isn’t a place for new people to come and check us out. We simply think the normal way of doing things is for Christ followers to gather people in their domains first and then come to the corporate gathering as a natural overflow. The corporate worship gathering serves the mission groups, not vice versa.

Sunday night we gather to commune corporately with one another and with Jesus and then we are commissioned afresh as representatives for Jesus to a world that desperately needs to know him.

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