The Antioch Movement is being built to be a reproducible and sustainable church planting movement. Our annual budget for 2016 is one sixth of the average church plant. we need to raise $16,000 this year. We are praying for God to raise up 16 people or churches to give $1,000 each. 

We are thankful for the investment of many churches and the Presbytery of the Midwest over the last three years. We are close to becoming self-sustainable but we are just shy of what we need.

This means that we are responsible to develop the final $16,000 of our budget. Our budget provides for Pastor Dan to care for his family and be full-time as a pastor in Ypsilanti.

UPDATE: As of January 5, 2016 God has provided $3,000 so far! We only need $13,000! 

You can give:

  • one lump sum for a tax deduction in 2016.
  • recurring monthly or weekly gifts.

These gifts can be given at our online giving site. Click the button below:

If you would like more information or if you would like to make a faith commitment to begin giving in 2016 please email Pastor Dan at or email Todd Waller at

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